Parachuting & Skydiving Days

Set for landing on the hard, hard ground at Yanget airstrip, Kojarina, with an ex WW2 hypo chute with a DL mod.
  GSPC members - 1969 - L to R
Rear - Mike McCauley, Alex Elliot, Murray
"Zeke" Little, Peter Neilson (Pilot) & Derek Andrews. Front - Les Blackmore, Peter Heath & Ian Andrews
An altimeter check on a cold , clear morning high above Kojarena.

Our jump plane at Northern Star School of Parachuting, at Archerfield aerodrome, Brisbane, in 1964

Waiting to board at Archerfield in 1964

Student with static line chute being checked over at Archerfield.

Peter Heath & Neil Sweetman having their gear checked before boarding, at Kojarena.

Heading North for a Demo jump at Tom Price in 1968, L to R
John McGlenchy, Alex Elliot, Murray Little & Peter Heath

                    Ten Commandments of Parachuting
1. Thou shall not take thine altitude for granted for the earth shall rise up and smite thee.
2. Thou shall not misplace thy shot bags lest thy cranium suffer the pains of thy misplacements.
3. Honour thy rigger and jumpmaster for they shall restoreth thy confidence.
4. Thou shall not bear false witness against thy pilot for the winds of thine own misjudgement
    shall drift thee from the DZ.
5. Thou shall forever remain stable, for the glory of and manifestations of a baton pass shall surely
    sanctify thy name.
6. Covet not thy neighbour's skydiver rig, for whatsoever hath he, ye may have also, thou the wrath
    of they mate may be on thee forever.
7. Thou shall not comshaw goodies from the local surplus store.
8. Blessed are they that delay to long for they shall make a lasting impression.
9. Blessed are they that delay without sleeves, for their bodies shall be racked with pain.
10. Thou shall not take the name of the A.P F. in vain.

                  Army drill if the parachute fails to open
1. Extend arms to the sides and clench fists.
2. Straighten legs, cross ankles and point toes.
Then all the recovery party have to do is screw the body out of the ground.