RIP Clyde
4/4/1996 – 20/5/2010

My little friend died yesterday, it was an awful blow,
It wasn’t unexpected, we knew he had to go.
No more his happy greeting bark when we come home at night,
The scurry through the backyard door into the kitchen light.

He was blind and very deaf and in his fifteenth year,
But just the same he was well loved, we liked to have him near.
His little mate is missing him, Bonnie’s known him all her life,
She’s borne his pups and raised them, she was his canine wife.

We buried him in the backyard, beneath his favourite spot,
Wrapped up in his night time rug, the one he liked a lot.
One day I hope we’ll meet again in after life or next,
But till that time, if ere it comes, I’ve penned this little text.