Family & Misc. Photo's

Now that's a post hole digger. (the metal thing not the lady)
A home made post hole digger for digging holes 5' 6" deep, for 8' concrete posts for a post and panel boundary retaining wall.

Caught in the act.
Bonnie & Clyde
caught on the bed.

Karen & Jess (the
first Grandchild)

The Real Estate years

Square dance fancy dress night

My wife Coral,
(when we first  met)

The sad times

1988  Our oldest son Vaughan died from injuries received in a vehicle roll over. The sadness of his loss inspired me to write the following poem in remembrance of him and other young men I have known.  "I Remember".
Also one by John Bourke. "When I Am Dead"

 1994   Karen's little Mini after another driver failed to stop at a stop sign. She & friend Joanne were both severely injured & flown to Perth by RFD for intensive care treatment. I was so proud of her when the first words she was able to write on the slate to us was "I WILL get better"





4WD Club days
Bush stopover near Tallarang Peak, with other 4WD Club members

A little lamb curled up in the sun.

Curled up into the defense position with all the spines out.
A little nocturnal Echidna I found in the front yard one night, many years ago. It's the only one I have ever seen

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