Things mechanical - as a young man growing up on a farm I loved repairing and rebuilding all things mechanical, starting with my first motor cycle (a Norton Dominator 500cc) and progressing to all types of farm machinery and motor vehicles.
Including re building engines, gearboxes, diffs., steering box's, etc etc. and later on computer rebuilding and repair, networking, website construction and publishing.
Work - did the usual things that young blokes on farms do, plus a bit of shearing, contract harvesting, mowing/raking/hay baling, worked a season as a loader at a fertilizer works and so on before enlisting in the Regular Army (Field Artillery). After completing my term of engagement did a stint as a Service Manager with a local vehicle and agricultural machinery dealer before entering the Real Estate Industry as a commission salesman, before progressing to a licensed Agent, for a 28 year period. Presently doing sundry part time work as I shuffle a little closer to the head of the queue.
Sports & Hobbies - played cricket and football, skydiving (ex member Northern Star School of Parachuting (Brisbane) and a founding member of Geraldton Sports Parachute Club (now disbanded) Built my own 8 inch reflector telescope with a heavy duty equatorial mount made from a vehicle diff. and later an observatory with rotating 12' 6" dome. Later enjoyed Square Dancing, Bootscooting and to a limited degree with an aging body, Clogging.
Present main interests -
learning all I can in respect of making the requisite tools and equipment required for musical instrument making, plus the actual instrument making skills, with a view to eventually making a matched violin and viola from Australian tone woods. Plus surfing the Internet for applicable sites and forums.
In the Luthier Pages section there are details and photos of seven aluminium, magnesium and composite alum/mag bodied prototype instruments with both screwed and bonded bodies, five four string and two five stringed, all of which have a lovely sound, to the surprise of those who have played them.

This page was last updated  on 18 June 2009