Folding Door

Another of my designs is for when  space is at a premium, for say, a tool or lawn mower enclosure etc., or in my case a small lathe enclosure, at the end of a garage, where it is useful to be able to fully access it via a secure folding door without having to move a vehicle. The only exposed part of the door mechanisms are the outer hinges and they are commercial hinges with self locking pins, so when the door is closed even if the hinge pins are removed the door cannot be opened.
As the door frames are set inside the structure frames it is a simple matter to fit the end pins (3) into the outer door frame so that they will insert into the corresponding holes in the outer frame when the door is pushed shut.
The lock in the centre of the door operates the mechanism that engages & disengages the upper & lower locking pins into the upper frame & the concrete floor. The heavy duty door sheeting partially overlaps the outer structure frames & also the centre door frames, covering the centre hinges when the door is shut, this gives extra security  and also stops the ingress of dust.
When the door is open it folds neatly out of the way hard up against the side wall.
A small plank or similar laid on the floor against the closed door also helps stop dust and vermin getting under the door.

Closed door

Half open door

Fully open

Internal lock

Central outer pin, sheeting overlap

Outer hinge with locking pin.

Outer frame with locking hole.


This page was last updated  on 07 April 2004