Favourite Sites

Maestronet Forums 
The (new) Internet Fiddle Forum 
String Asylum (Kabal's)

Musical Instrument Makers Forum 

Jay Ungar & Molly Mason
Wood Violin Forum Index
HomeRecording dot com
Violin Makers Data Base Q & A

Tool  & Supplies
Luthier Tools - Luscombe Violins Inc. 

Musical Instruments

International Violin Co.

King Brown Hand Crafts (Electric violins)
Violin World (Aust.)
Theo's Music (Aust.)
Melmusic  (Aust.)

Violin Making
Derek Roberts Violin

Building A Violin (Kathy Matsushita)
Projects (Kathy Matsushita)
Petes Violin Making Site

Petes Violin Making FAQ Site
David Langsather

Makers & Restorers
The Violin Studio (Aust.)(and instrument supplier)
Alan Coggins (Aust.)(and instrument supplier)

Directory of Australian Violin & Bow Makers

Violin Acoustic Properties
Classical Music World
FRETS Pages (About everything)

Tool Sharpening
The D&S Scary Sharp(TM) System (& related posts)

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