Farming Days

The wet years

Who said crawler tractors don't get bogged. The men are Barry, David & Peter Vaughan

Ian Walton next to bogged Inter. Bogged plough in background

Trough washaway near "Sams Well" that the property was named after.

Fence washaway looking down towards the trough.

Nabawa schoolbus bogged just up from Thompson/Reedy road

Temporary repair to road washaway at the bottom of Northern Gully hill.

Flooded crossing near Ardingly.

Ian Elliot & Ian Walton standing in washaway

Narra Tarra  - Moonyoonooka road junction.

Misc. Photos

The dry years.
A large Dugite snake held by my brother, Ian, in 1963.
We caught it under the dogs hut. (No wonder they didn't like getting tied up there at night.

Fathers pride & joy. One of his stud
Angus bulls.

A leanto shed flung back onto the shearing shed roof by a Willy Willy.

Paul Desmond with his single cylinder Field Marshall, that he used to start with a blank shotgun cartridge.

Seeding at Tenindawa,they don't do it like this any more. (Thank goodness)

Harvesting with the Gleaner on a sand plain block.


Bob Desmonds two cyl. diesal John Deere 730, one of the nicest tractors I have ever used.
Alan & Paul Desmond on the night shift.

A truck mounted Hannaford seed grader.

The hard way we used to load grain.

The easy way we did it later on.
My trusty old .303 rifle that we wore the barrel out shooting at kangaroos on the sandplain blocks.

My brother Ian at the wheel of the Inter. on the sand plain block in 1962.

Our up market sand plain camp after we went from a tent to a caravan.

A good hay crop which my brother and I loaded by hand and carted  to the hay shed.

Sitting in the sun on Paul Desmonds Landrover in 1962.

Another of Henry Lawsons poems that spring to mind is "The Shakedown On The Floor"