Bonded Body Aluminium 4/4 Violin

The following is another brief photo description of the making of an aluminium bodied 4/4 size violin, this one is bonded together with Araldite Super Strength two part exopy resin.
The overall measurements are again from 'Juliet Barker', the contour templates are for a Sacconi Strad 1716 & the neck/scroll dimensions are from 'Strobel'.
The completed specifications are:
Body length    355mm                     Top/end of fingerboard to belly   (19.5mm)
Top bout        168mm                     Bridge centre height                   (32.8mm)
Middle bout    112mm                     E string height above fingerboard (3.0mm)
Bottom bout   208mm                     G string height above fingerboard (5.0mm)
Rib height  30/32mm                      Fingerboard to bridge                   (52mm)
Body stop       195mm                     Tailpiece saddle to bridge              (52mm)
Neck stop       130mm                     Saddle height above belly                (4mm)
Body thickness (Internal) 59.4mm    String angle 58 degrees
Fingerboard length 270mm 
Vibrating string length 325mm (standard 2:3 ratio
Total length from top of scroll to endpin, 598mm 
The arching are:   top plate 15.4mm, back plate 13.4mm.
(Actual concavity: top plate 14.5mm, back plate 12.5mm.)            
with 0.8mm aluminium used for the plates and bass bar and 0.5mm aluminium for the ribs and rib locating/edge reinforcement strips.
The neck is Bosnian Maple, blocks and sound post are Spruce, with ebony finger board, nut, end pin, pegs and tailpiece, with an aluminium saddle.
The finished weight with attached Dresden chinrest, with height extended by 7mm, is 582grams, which is actually 32grams lighter than the Magnesium bodied one. The central torsional tube weighs 32grams so there is a further possible weight saving there.
(the weight of a normal 4/4 sized wooden violin is approx. 450grams.
The strings are:
E - D'Addaro Prelude J811 E-Mi 4/4 Polished Steel, Medium Tension.
A - D'Addaro Prelude J812 A-la  4/4 Aluminium Wound. Medium Tension
D - D'Addaro Prelude J813 D-Re 4/4 Nickel Wound, Medium Tension
G - D'Addaro Prelude J814 G-Sol 4/4 Nickel Wound, Medium Tension

Two top plates, one with rib guide, one with rib guide & bass bar bonded in place.

Top plate with ribs, blocks and bass bar fitted. Bottom plate with locating rails fitted.

Same plates from side view.


Body closed with traditional clamps.

     Back view.


     End view.

Front view.


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