About Me (and the Missus)

My mothers story here.

My name is Alex and I live in the beautiful Port City of Geraldton, set on the Midwest coast of Western Australia, the centre for Rock Lobster fishing, wheat & sheep farming, mining exports (iron ore, talc, mineral sands) and so on. The climate is Mediterranean with only a few weeks of cold and hot weather a year with min. & max. temperatures generally in the 6 - 45 degree Celsius range. (We do however get very strong Southerly winds in the summer afternoons).
I have been happily married for 44
years to Coral, whose main interest is Genealogy (she was the Director of the local Family History Centre for many years) and has put a huge amount of time (and a large chunk of money) into researching our forbears.
Her ancestors include six (ahem) early convicts, (two on the First Fleet) and she tells me that I am 1/2 Scottish, 3/8 English, 1/16 Irish and 1/16 German.
We have four
adult children, three sons and a daughter, also two beautiful little dogs, a silky terrier and an Australian terrier (Bonnie & Clyde) who give us a lot of affection and happiness. I truly believe that the sound of a little dog sighing in it's sleep on the end of ones bed on a cold winters night is worth more than money can buy.

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