Adjustable Rib Bending Mould

When bending the rib freehand it is very difficult get the plate overhang the same distance all around and at the same time align the rib corners centrally on the plate corners.
This mould allows easy forming of a single piece rib to the size required and ensures the rib corners are exactly perpendicular to the plates and precisely placed in the centre of the plate corners.
The four sections are also sufficiently adjustable to increase or reduce the total rib length, allowing the plate overhang to be increased or decreased, if required.
The sections are constructed from 33mm x 3mm steel plate which is both thick enough for good rigidity and thin enough to allow it to be cold formed. The adjustable support brackets are 20mm wide and cut from 25mm x 1.6mm square tube, which hold the plate sections vertical to the base, without the need for welding and possible deformation.


Side view, also showing one of the forming templates.

Completed mould, painted and with all forming templates.


This page was last updated  on 20 April 2004